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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is a great place to begin navigating your way through the Custom process. For any additional questions not answered here or to get your Custom project started, contact us by phone at 800-328-8488 (toll free) or 303-460-8888, or by email at custom@pearlizumi.com

Why should I choose Pearl Izumi Custom?

We offer the same quality, fit and performance that you and your group have come to know from Pearl Izumi inline apparel, and we back it with the same Limited Lifetime Warranty. We offer unparalleled customer service all the way through the design, order, and delivery process. We at Pearl Izumi Custom are as passionate about your satisfaction as we are about cycling, triathlon and running.

What styles should I order?

You can download informational stylesheets and design templates from the individual product pages.

Can I customize any product made by Pearl Izumi?

Although not every apparel style that Pearl Izumi makes has fabric for Custom printing (a process called sublimation), we have chosen key styles from across our PRO, ELITE, and SELECT level collections, and have a vast selection of cycling, tri and run tops and bottoms, outerwear, speed suits and accessories. Noteable is that Pearl Izumi’s entire LTD collection can be ordered for Custom.

Can I customize the fabrics, fit or features of my apparel?

We don’t offer customization beyond design. We have a full Product Development team that ensures all of the fabrics, fit and features in each style are up to the high standards of Pearl Izumi customers. You and your group members will be wearing uncompromised Pearl Izumi apparel.

How long does it take to get my order?

Visit our How It Works page for details on the process and timeline. Once an order is completely finalized – all design approved and order details received – production and delivery is approximately 60 days, with very few exceptions.

What are the minimums?

Our minimum order is a total of 50 units, broken between two apparel styles (think jersey and short) of 25 units each. Once the minimum is satisfied, additional apparel styles can be ordered in quantities as low as 6, with price breaks at higher intervals.

Where's your pricing?

Pricing is dependent on the quantity of each style you are ordering. We prefer that you contact us so that we can give you a specific quote based on your needs. Keep in mind, that the pricing on your own Pearl Izumi Custom apparel is often less than the MSRPs of the same apparel styles found in our inline collections.

Who will design my kit?

Whether you are supplying your own design or looking to have something created by us, we have you covered. You’ll have a personal in-house Custom Graphic Designer assigned to work with you on your kit - whether they're looking over your supplied art or designing you something from scratch, they will ensure your kit looks just the way you want - at no extra charge.

Can I use my own artist?

Yes, and we have an Artist's Instructions Guide to read before starting the garment design. This helpful document features some basic do's and don'ts to make sure you start off on the right track. You and your designer will also be paired up with one of the in-house Graphic Designers and they can help you with any design questions you may have during the creative process.

Are there any design limitations?

There are only a few limitations, for best instructions for designing on our apparel, please view the Artist Instructions Guideline. Designs across sleeve and side panel seams won’t line up perfectly the full size-range, but your Custom Apparel Designer will be able to find a creative solution that will keep the theme of your design intact. Colors cannot spec LAB or RGB. We print CMYK colors and prefer colors to be specified in either Pantone Solid Coated or CMYK.

What does the design process look like?

Here's a helpful document to take you through the steps of the Design Process.

In a nutshell, once you've decided to place an order with Pearl Izumi for your team, store, event or other group's custom kit, you'll be paired with an Account Executive who will be moving your order through to completion. Send your Account Exec some inspiration for your kit design and artwork. One of our Graphic Designer's will take that direction and provide an initial design concept for you to review. Your order includes a further 3 rounds of design revisions. Once you've approved all artwork as final - color, spelling, placement, design, etc. - your order will deliver 60 days after your final approval.

What are your payment options?

If you choose to pay for your complete order with credit card, we’ll collect full payment at the time of the final order approval. If you choose the Online Ordering service, your individual group members pay for their own orders and shipping by credit card. If you are a Shimano/Pearl Izumi dealer, contact us about billing your Custom order to your account.

Do you have a return policy? What if I have a warranty issue?

As your order is for customized, made-to-order apparel, we do not offer a return or exchange policy. However, we do offer Pearl Izumi’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact us if you have an item that you believe has a warranty issue.