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Online Ordering Process

Pearl Izumi Custom now offers online-ordering capability for your shop, team or event's custom apparel order. We understand the difficulties involved for team/event managers of large groups to efficiently organize all members' order quantities and sizes in a timely manner. Our online-ordering capabilities can help to facilitate the process!

Ordering Made Easy

  • Individual Ordering
  • Individual Payment
  • Consolidated or Individual Shipping Options
  • No more collecting payments
  • Tax-free available for Non-Profits

How does Online Ordering Work?

The overall custom ordering process runs much the same way as it would if placing orders per usual - initiate the order with your personalized Sales Manager, begin and finalize art with our Graphic Design Team for your entire kit, select the specific styles you want to be available for ordering, and estimate quantities of each piece to be ordered. We will then set you up with your own e-commerce store that only your members will have access to. Each member will go online and place their order. Members are immediately charged for their purchase. You have the option of shipping orders to each individual or receiving one large "consolidated" order to distribute. We will leave your team's online shop open for a period of 1-2 weeks, called your "order window." Once all team members have placed their online order, your sales rep will close the online shop and confirm the final order with you. Upon final confirmation, your team's order will immediately go into production and delivery will be received in our normal timeline, approximately 60 days from final agreement.

Is Online Ordering Right for me?

We only suggest online ordering for certain customers. If you have a very large group or team, with a large number of styles being offered, it may be right for you. If you have a specific, nearby deadline to be met for production, online-ordering may not be a good option for you - as the production process cannot begin until after the Order Window has been closed. There are certain costs associated with utilizing our online-ordering system and strict deadlines for meeting production timelines. For specific details and how they would affect your team's order, please contact a Custom Sales Manager to review deadlines, costs and availability.